Does Shoebill Eat Crocodiles?

Shoebill is a tall bird that is largely known to be piscivorous. The fascinating bird has derived its name from an enormous shoe-shaped bill. Shoebill has been able to captivate the attention of bird watchers and ornithologists.

The long-legged wading bird, Shoebill belongs to the family of Balaenicipitidae. These birds are found in wetlands and swamp areas. They are recognized as the third longest bill after pelicans and large storks.


When Shoebills are first born, they have more modestly sized bills. As they begin to grow and become large-sized, their bill is noticeable on the 23rd day and well developed by the 43rd day.

One of the most intriguing questions that often arises from bird watchers is whether shoebill can eat young crocodiles. Well, the answer is yes. The Shoebill Stork can eat even baby crocodiles.

What Kind of Bird is Shoebill?

Shoebill Stork is a tall wading bird known for its striking appearance and large shoe-shaped bill. Popularly, this species of bird is also known as shoe-billed stork, whale-bill, and whale-headed stork.

The shoebill bird is commonly found in the freshwater swamps of Central Tropical Africa, wetlands of Uganda, and Western Tanzania. It occurs in extensive, dense freshwater marshes.


This species of wading bird is mostly numerous in the West Nile sub-region and South Sudan. But they are vagrants in Botswana, the upper Congo River, and the Okavango Basin.

Does Shoebill Eat Crocodiles? | Shoebill Stork Diet

Yes, the long-legged wading bird, Shoebill Stork eats crocodiles. In addition, these birds mainly eat baby crocodiles. It has been disclosed that Shoebill can swallow the whole young crocodile at once.

Primarily, the shoebill stork (Balaeniceps rex) is a piscivore animal that mainly eats fish. The Shoebill hunts its large prey with its sharp-edged beak, huge bill, and wide gape.

Along with that, they also eat other prey species such as marbled lungfish, catfish, water snakes, frogs, small turtles, snails, carrion, small waterfowl, and rodents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Shoebill Stork eat young crocodiles?

Yes, the Shoebill Stork eats young crocodiles. Including that with the help of their sharp edge bill, shoebill also eats different species of fishlike lungfish, catfish, and other species of frogs, Nile monitors, water snakes, and rodents.

What is the African bird that eats crocodiles?

The Shoebill is only the African bird that eats baby crocodiles. This wading bird can swallow the young crocodile whole.

Can Shoebill fly?

Shoebill, a large wading bird can fly at a speed of about 35 to 48 kms per hour with the help of its broad wings.

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