Does Hawk Attack Cat?

Does Hawk Attack Cat

Hawks are birds of prey or raptors that belong to the family Accipitridae. It is also known that hawks are opportunistic hunters. Generally, hawks are also called “hen-hawks”, or “wood-hawks” due to their woodland habitat.

One of the most intriguing questions is whether hawks attack cats. Well, the answer is yes. Hawks attack the cats where smaller cats or kittens are available. When food is scarce, hawks might attack the smaller pet animals.


It is important to keep an extra eye out during breeding and nesting seasons in urban and suburban areas. Hawks tend to be more aggressive in defending their territory.

They are more likely to attack cats when they see them as threats to their nests or young babies. In this blog post, we will be exploring the surprising relationships between hawks and cats. You may be surprised to know about hawks and if it does eat cats.

Understanding Hawks Characteristics and Habitat

The Hawks are well-renowned for their predatory prowess. They were named as one of the most intelligent birds depending on the scale. 

This species of hawk has four types of color receptors in the eye. With the help of keen eyesight, they can catch and spot their potential prey from a distance. A bird of prey, hawks have excellent hunting abilities.

Generally, they are found in deserts and fields where they can easily spot their prey. Hawks mainly prefer to habitat in open areas mostly in North America, Central America, and Jamaica, and the West Indies.

hawk attacking fox
Hawk attacking fox Source: Reddit

It has a strong and sharp claw known as talons. In addition, hawks’ can kill their targeted prey with the help of their talons are opposed to other predator birds.

With its powerful grip, the prey is unable to escape from hawks’ talons. It also has a sharp hooked beak at the tip which is great for tearing flesh. Hawks’ sharp talons and hooked beaks are essential for their survival and hunting success.

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Do Hawks Attack Cats?

The answer is yes. Hawks can attack cats if they are hungry or if they feel threatened. Hawks are birds of prey that include a variety of smaller animals in their diet. 

Some of the animals that hawks eat are lizards, mice, squirrels, birds, snakes, rabbits, and fish. It has also been revealed that hawks are more likely to target smaller cats and kittens. 

However, one of the species of hawks i.e. red-shouldered hawk eats smaller birds like doves, grasshoppers, and crickets.

What are the preventive measures that should be applied to protect your cats from hawks’ attacks?

Hawks are predatory birds that actively hunt and feed on other vertebrates. So, it is important to take preventive measures to protect your pet cats from hawk attacks. Certain points should be considered while protecting cats from hawks:

Outdoor Supervision: If you are willing to protect your pet cats from hawks, then firstly you must supervise your cat.

Ensure that the environment is always safe from them. It is important to monitor and supervise whenever your cats are outdoors.

If your cat enjoys going and playing outside then make sure you are present to keep an eye on them and signs of danger, like from hawks.

Providing Shelter and Hiding Spots: Being a cat owner, it is necessary to provide shelters for cats in your backyard.

Along with that, plant some dense shrubs or bushes in your yard where the cats can find some of the hiding spots. Hawks are less likely to attack cats.

Using Deterrents for Hawks: There are several deterrents available in the market that can be used to keep the hawks away from cats.

You can add some reflective or shiny objects like mirrors and aluminum foils to create visual disturbances that can easily scare the hawks.

Another way is to install scarecrows and bird feeders to attract smaller birds, which may keep hawks away.

Indoor Alternatives: One of the most effective ways to keep your pet cats safe from hawk attacks is to keep them indoors. To reduce the desire to go outdoors, you can manage to create an indoor play area.

By implementing these above-mentioned preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of cats being attacked by hawks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if your cat is attacked by a hawk?

Effective measures should be taken when a pet cat is attacked by a hawk. Such as immediately seeking veterinary care, outdoor supervision, keeping cats indoors, using deterrents to scare hawks or other birds of prey, and avoiding leaving food and water in open areas.

What kind of birds attack cats?

Birds like robins, blue jays, mockingbirds, magpies, and hawks are the common birds that are known for attacking cats.

What are the common signs that your cat is attacked by hawks?

The common signs that indicate that your cat is attacked by hawks are talon marks that are visible on the cat’s body, patches of missing fur or feathers on their body, and external injuries like bleeding or difficulty while walking or standing.

How big of a cat can a hawk pick up?

Hawks are birds of prey that prey on pets sometimes. It has been revealed that hawks can carry small pets about five pounds.

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