How To Attract Blue Jays- A Complete Guide

How To Attract Blue Jays

The Blue Jay bird is known for their aggressive nature. They can sometimes be headaches for other animals, and at the same time, they are a boon for them.

Even though these birds are loved by everyone, having one in your backyard can increase your backyard’s beauty. Since they can stand to see any predator near them, it can also help other animals to make a home in your backyard.

blue jays in garden
Blue Jay in garden
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This will increase your house’s charm. But how can you make Blue Jay attract to the backyard? The answer is simple, but doing it is the toughest challenge you will ever face.

Therefore, this article is all about how to attract Blue Jays birds. Once they are adapted to your backyard environment, they will not be shifting any time soon.

How To Attract Blue Jays?

Feeding Blue Jays

There are a variety of things that will help you in attracting the Blue Jay bird. If you do one thing among the listed things below, you will have a party of Blue Jay birds.

The first thing any bird will want is food. If they find what they like most to eat can automatically make them stay near that place. But the main point is what Blue Jay birds like the most to eat.

There is a variety of things you can place outside in your backyard to attract Blue Jays. It is also very important to put a massive amount of food in their feeder so that they can be full and will come back again to eat.

This frequent coming of the bird will make them stay sooner or later. As we already discussed, making Blue Jays attractive is tougher. So hold tight and believe in the process.

Types of foods to attract Blue Jays

Since Blue Jays are small birds, they only eat food that is smaller in size. If you are thinking of giving them seeds and nuts, then you are right.

Blue jays eating nuts
Blue jays are omnivorous birds, they eat plants and animals

Some of the food we have come to attract Blue Jays birds are listed below;

  • Smaller insects like; mealworms, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and many more.

Feeder Types

Now the big question is how you should be feeding the Blue Jay. If you plan to just throw that food in your backyard, that might harm your intention.

So you have to have a proper feeder. It will help them to find foot easily and don’t have to search for more food.

It is also very important for the Blue Jay to be full. Your wish to have them in your backyard will never be true if they don’t feel such.

Different feeders design that attract Blue Jays

There are some feeders that can help to achieve your point. It will be always a better idea to make them feel they naturally have the food.

It’s only possible when you will have a ground feeder. The ground feeder will help them to feel they are eating in their natural habitat. This could be a gaming-changing thing to have.

Another option is available, but that won’t work like the ground feeder. You can have a bigger feeder that you can hang. But its needs to be big enough that the Blue Jay will get full.

The process is short, but the execution will take time. You should also watch the bird and what they like and don’t.


First, it is important for you to provide a suitable tree for them to make a nest. If they don’t feel suitable for making a nest, they won’t be staying there for long.

So what trees are good for them to make a nest? The Blue Jay mostly likes to make a nest in trees like; Oak, Pine, and many more.

If they don’t find any trees, they can make a nest in a gap in the building or related to something like that. But there will be a very low possibility that the bird will find them making a nest in your house.

So, to increase your possibility of attracting the Blue Jays, you better plant a tree first. It will automatically increase your chances.

Creating The Bluebird’s Habitat

Another important thing to remember before executing the process and feeling sad about not working the process.

Since every creature loves to live in the environment, they feel suitable in. You have to consider it as well. There are various environments and seasons in which Blue Jays can live, but few are suitable for them.

blue jays as pet
It is Illegal to keep Blue Jays as pet

Blue Jays are birds, so it will be perfect for them to be in the surrounding of trees. Talking about the temperature, they can live in a moderate temperature easily. Yet, they can survive below zero degrees and also above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Manage Predators Of Blue Jays

Blue Jay is a very intelligent creature. They are very helpful for other creatures as well. Blue Jays are also known for their noisy voice, and it is the thing that helps them from being prey.

So which bird hunts down Blue Jay? The answer is simple, the birds that can eat all the small birds. You should keep them away from big birds like; Hawks, Owls, Falcons, and many more.

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Even though Blue Jay works in a team and flies away from the predators. There will always be a chance of predators invading the area and making them afraid. This could eventually harm Blue Jay’s intention of living there.


Summing up the above, we can conclude that the process can be learned, but the important is the execution of the process.

From making a better environment to feeding them well. You have to look at all the things to attract them. If anything is missed, they will feel unwanted in that area and won’t be staying there.

So, before attracting to attract Blue Jay, first, you have to fulfill all the requirements of the bird. If you do so, they won’t go anywhere and will come back again in mass.

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