How To Get Rid Of Blue Jays In Your Yard? | 6 Natural Ways

How To Get Rid Of Blue Jays In Your Yard

Blue jays are a common sight in many yards across North America. These beautiful birds with their blue and white plumage, black collar, and crested head are known for their loud calls, aggressive behavior towards other birds, and love for bird feeders.

While some people enjoy watching them around their yard, others find them to be a nuisance that causes damage to property or scare away smaller birds like chickadees and nuthatches.

In this blog post, we will show you how to get rid of blue jays in your yard by using different methods.

How Blue Jays Come To Your Yard?

Before we dive into the methods of getting rid of blue jays in your yard it’s important to understand why they come there in the first place.

One reason is food source; blue jays are omnivores which means they eat both plants and animals so if you have a bird feeder or fruit trees then they’re more likely to visit your yard.

Additionally, if you leave out safflower seeds or nyjer thistle seeds (which aren’t very popular among most birds) then this might attract chickadees and nuthatches instead of bullying blue jays.

How To Get Rid Of Blue Jays In Your Yard

Using Predators Like Fake Owls Or Cats

Blue Jays can be scared off by predators such as fake owls, cats, or even snakes placed strategically around your lawn as a defense mechanism.

Install Wind Chimes Or Automatic Music

Another way is installing wind chimes or automatic music because these sounds mimic natural environments making it uncomfortable for aggressive birds like the Jay who cannot stand any noise around them long enough!

Exploring Different Feeding Alternatives

Offer alternative feeding options on tray feeders that only cater to smaller bird species while ignoring bigger bully birds such as the Jay – Sunflower seeds are an excellent choice for attracting finches while avoiding bullies.

Other Ways are Reflective mirrors or hanging a mirror

which blue jays don’t like as they see themselves and consider it a possible threat. This will scare them off your yard without any physical harm to birds.

Installing Small Feeders

Using smaller feeders like window feeders can be a great way to reduce the number of aggressive birds in your backyard.

This is because smaller birds are more likely to feel comfortable eating from these feeders compared to larger ones. As a result, bully birds may be less inclined to visit your backyard if you make this change to your feeding style.

Clear Away Stray Seeds and Other Food Sources

Finally, clearing away stray seeds and other sources where food might be scattered around your backyard is one way to make sure there’s no attraction for aggressive blue jays.

Ensuring that you pick up fallen leaves/spruce needles/other debris that could attract insects or any other natural food for Jays helps control the population on bird feeders.

Blue Jays are beautiful creatures, but their behavior can be disruptive to both humans and other local wildlife species who share ecosystems with them.

If you’re looking for ways on how best to manage populations of Blue Jays coming into yards then taking some time out researching different methods should help give insight into what works best depending upon specific circumstances – including environmental factors such as location/climate/lifestyle etc.!

Frequently Asked Question

How can I deter Blue Jays using predators?

Placing fake owls, and cats, strategically around your lawn can scare off Blue Jays as they perceive these predators as potential threats.

Do wind chimes or automatic music help deter Blue Jays?

Yes, wind chimes and automatic music can create an uncomfortable environment for aggressive birds like Blue Jays, prompting them to leave your yard.

Will reflective mirrors or hanging a mirror scare away Blue Jays?

Yes, Blue Jays don’t like reflective surfaces as they see themselves as possible threats, leading them to avoid your yard.

How can smaller feeders help reduce aggressive birds in my backyard?

Using smaller feeders like window feeders can make larger bully birds, such as Blue Jays, feel uncomfortable and less likely to visit your yard.

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